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All our trainers are experts in their field and have hands-on, practical experience in their areas of expertise.

Waste Management Training (Legislation & Procedures)

Many organisations see waste and dangerous goods as a problem. We don’t.

We see these as valuable resources, which, when properly managed can help you stand out from your competitors, both economically and environmentally.

Through our bespoke training solutions, Wastege can provide your organisation with the tools to manage your obligations effectively in compliance with the latest legislation.

Waste Awareness Training

In business, many people are responsible for the production, collection, consignment and disposal of wastes. There is no legal qualification required for people to carry out the majority of these operations, yet companies can be heavily penalised for not following the proper guidance and legislation.

The aim of this training is to outline what responsibilities people at all levels should be aware of and encourage you to think about waste.

We hope that this will encourage you to support waste minimisation and recycling, ultimately saving resources, money and keeping your organisation environmentally compliant.

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

In order to comply with ADR through the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations, persons involved in the packing, loading, carriage, filling or unloading of dangerous goods by road, including wastes, are required to undergo training in dangerous goods, refreshed every two years.

The training is prescribed to include general awareness in dangerous goods requirements and provisions plus unction specific training, commensurate with persons duties and responsibilities.

It must also include safety training in the hazards and dangers presented by dangerous goods and security training.