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60 tonnes of industrial and chemical waste cleared from four-acre site

12th March 2019

Specialist teams from Wastege have cleared more than 60 tonnes of industrial waste and chemicals which were leaking from drums and containers causing ground contamination following the closure of a large Bio fuel plant.

Wastege were contacted to complete the work by the London-based site owner, who was left facing a mammoth clear-up operation following the closure of the business, which had been a tenant on his site.

It required a team of six specialists – and three artic lorries – to remove the waste from the four-acre North Lincolnshire site and ensure the land was again environmentally safe and suitable for reuse.

Wastege works nationally to help businesses solve headaches and issues such as these and also help clients to stay compliant with ever-changing environmental legislation through services such as waste audits and hazardous waste disposal.

And managing director Mark Taylor says site clearance is becoming a large part of the work being carried out by his teams around, particularly when land owners are left with unidentifiable, potentially hazardous waste.

“Once again our specialist knowledge and expertise has been called upon to carry out work very few other waste companies can do as a one stop company” he said.

“The sheer size and volume of waste at this site made this a challenging job.

“Combined with the fact there were a large number of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) containing chemicals, many of which were leaking and causing ground contamination, the site owner needed a company which was qualified to handle all kinds of hazardous waste.

“Our team cleared the site completely and sampled and analysed all waste which was collected, identifying it and preparing it for safe disposal.

Site clearance must be 100% compliant

“We are often called upon to clear abandoned or closed business sites which have fallen into a state of disrepair. Sadly, this is a situation that landowners are too often faced with when businesses close down and nobody takes responsibility for leaving sites in a fit state.

“It can be a very daunting prospect to face a huge site clearance such as this as a landowner, and our teams have faced many sites where asbestos, chemicals and drums of oils and paints have been left behind.

“In this situation it is key for the landowners to have the right documentation, stating exactly what has been removed from site, and that it has been disposed of in full compliance with Hazardous Waste Disposal Regulations.”

This specialist £40,000 contract for Wastege follows work recently to clear up a chemical spill at a large factory, ensuring the business did not have to shut down and lose production time.

Wastege has already invested £500,000 this year into new fleet of specialist vehicles, and created new jobs, success which has led to media coverage.

The firm has a ‘zero to landfill’ policy, ensuring its clients maximise their recycling potential and move waste away from landfill to help reduce their carbon footprint.