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Chemical leak clean-up helps company avoid costly shutdown

5th February 2019

Wastege's specialist knowledge and expertise has helped save a Yorkshire business thousands of pounds by clearing a chemical leak without the need for a plant shutdown.

The large industrial plant operator contacted us for emergency support to deal with a chemical leak. Although it was not posing any immediate health threat to employees, as it was contained in a specialised holding area, they needed our specially-qualified experts to collect, contain and remove the problem.

Managing director Mark Taylor explained: “Our team provided a rapid response within 24 hours. We were the only company in the region able to provide such a fast response and get appropriately-trained people, who meet all the required legislation, on site and with the equipment required.”

A four-man team were on site for a full day as they filled seven 205-litre drums with the compound chemical, which was then taken to our own specialist transfer facility, where it was made safe and ready to be disposed - either by being neutralised or through export and TFS incineration.

‘Zero to landfill’ pledge a big hit with businesses

Wastege, which has its headquarters in Wincolmlee in Hull, is fully committed to ensuring zero waste goes to landfill.

As a result, we’re increasingly being recognised for our expertise and reliability when dealing with emergency situations relating to hazardous waste, working for clients in Hull and nationally.

Mr Taylor added: “This job was highly-skilled. Cleaning down the spillage, safely collecting the chemical waste and then packaging and removing it fell under a number of legislations and our team meets all those requirements.

“Already this year our teams have been called upon to deal with significant chemical spillages and hazardous site clearances. In most cases, our expertise and ability to be on site within 24 hours helps to secure this type of work.”

Wastege currently works with a range of national businesses to help them be 100% compliant with the ever-changing environmental legislation, through services such as waste audits and hazardous waste disposal. If you need advice or assistance, please get in touch or call 0800 7563997 today.