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Waste crime fines reach record £25.5m – are you 100% compliant?

26th November 2018

Companies who failed to comply with environmental regulations have been handed record waste crime fines of more than £25.5million in 2017/18 – and thousands more could be at risk of huge penalties.

According to the recent Regulating for People, the Environment and Growth (RPEG) report by the Environment Agency (EA), the average fine for non-compliant companies has increased six-fold over the past five years - rising from £23,731 in 2013/14 to £147,575 in 2017/18.

For any company owner or director who doesn’t know exactly how their waste is being managed and disposed of, the report will make frightening reading.

As hazardous waste management specialists, it’s our job to know the changing laws and regulations and act on behalf of our clients. Our teams operate to the strictest of environmental policies to ensure our clients are 100% compliant with the latest waste management legislation.

If you’re a company or director who doesn’t know how the waste you produce is disposed of, you should. Otherwise, it could prove the most-costly oversight you’ve ever made.

Why you MUST use waste removal specialists

Since new sentencing guidance was introduced in July 2014, we have witnessed increasingly strong penalties being issued for environmental offences, with potentially eye-watering fines possible in the most serious of cases.

Just last year, Thames Water was fined a record £20.3million for polluting the River Thames with 1.4billion litres of raw sewage through huge leaks.

However, we know that many businesses – of all sizes - are still failing to heed the warnings.

The EA is regularly holding companies to account for waste crime – with significant punishments being handed out.

Just a couple of months ago a company was ordered to pay £100,000 in fines and prosecution costs after it was found guilty of illegally landfilling over 5,000 tonnes of waste - including soil, stone, brick and concrete.

The business was ordered to pay £50,000 in fines and a further £50,000 towards prosecution costs – figures which could easily put a small or medium sized firm out of business.

More recently, three men were ordered to pay over £10,000 for illegally landfilling waste at a hotel car park which had suffered from a landslip, as it is illegal to dispose of waste by landfilling without an environmental permit, which are put in place to control any activity that could pollute air, water or land.

Avoid huge fines and be 100% compliant with waste regulations

The message from the EA is clear, those not complying with their environmental obligations risk potentially eye-watering, business closing fines through the courts".

We see far too many firms – particularly those involved in manufacturing or distribution and involving chemicals and oils – which grow at a rapid rate but fail to ensure their environmental and waste disposal solutions grow with them and are fully audited and transparent.

It is why we offer a complete waste management package, from an initial survey to the final follow-up inspection, managing the entire process of removal and disposal of hazardous wastes including asbestos, chemical and liquid wastes such as oils and paints, flammable wastes, sewage, gas cylinders and sludge, across the UK.

Our role is to ensure the companies we work for are 100% compliant with current waste management legislation, so that when the EA comes knocking, each and every waste product can be accounted for and traced – with our zero to landfill policy helping improve the environmental performance of each and every customer we serve.

If you need help with your waste management strategy, please get in touch or call 0800 756 3997 - we'll be happy to offer free advice.