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Wastege launches service to ensure businesses of all sizes can stay safe with waste management

29th June 2017

Wastege are proud to be helping companies of all sizes stay ‘waste safe’ – ensuring employers meet their environmental and legal requirements whilst also protecting staff and customers.

Now one of the country’s fastest growing specialist companies of its kind, Wastege handles and recycles hazardous waste from all corners of the UK, and for some of the biggest names in industry, including the likes of Crown Paints, Dutch paints and chemicals business AkzoNobel, laboratory testing company Intertek and aerosol company LMA Services.

All businesses have a legal responsibility under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and other legislation to safely contain and legally dispose of any waste produced, and if they don’t they can face large fines or even custodial sentences.

But whilst the big-name industrial leaders have a need for their waste to be collected and disposed daily, ensuring they have clear systems in place, Mark Taylor, managing director of Wastege, based in Hull, East Yorkshire, says it can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses to find a suitable solution to their needs.

“Businesses are stockpiling waste – and that is not a safe way to operate”

 “Obviously many of our contracts are with big companies who need us on site every day to remove their waste, but there are many businesses which require a less frequent collection and disposal service and don’t have a suitable storage area or system at their premises,” he said.

“It doesn’t make sense commercially for them to have a specialist contractor come and remove a small amount of hazardous waste each time they have it, and equally, they don’t won’t to put their own staff at risk in disposing of it.

“This means many businesses are stockpiling contaminated waste, chemicals, paints, rags, aerosols and liquids in the corner of their yards or in cupboards, as they have no means of day-to-day disposal or dedicated, safe storage.

“That is simply not a safe way to operate, could potentially expose staff and visitors to harm, and is not good for the environment, and could lead to prosecutions.”

Waste Safes give businesses peace of mind and are 100% compliant

It was with that in mind that Wastege launched its ‘Waste safes’ – all-weather explosion proof galvanised 800 litre containers which can remain at a company site until full – and then exchanged for a new one when collected for disposal.

They are UN approved to carry dangerous goods, so businesses can fill them with any waste and have peace of mind.

“It’s a simple solution but importantly one which ensures businesses are always compliant with very strict regulations around waste,” added Mr Taylor.

“The fines for mismanagement of waste are huge, potentially capable of bringing down a business. Waste management is a top priority for many large scale businesses, but sadly for some medium sized and growing businesses, often nobody at the company has the overall responsibility and is actually a constant headache that is largely ignored.

“That is why more and more are turning to us. We manage that for our customers, take away the headaches associated with it away, and ensure they are 100 per cent compliant at all times.”

Customers assured of commitment to recycling due to Wastege policies

Clients of Wastege can also be assured of a commitment to recycle, with the firm having a ‘zero to landfill’ policy. Liquid waste is treated and made ready for recycling or disposal purposes at the firm’s own licensed transfer facility.

“Our commitment to recycling is something which sits very well with the companies we serve,” added Mr Taylor.

“We see it as our duty to influence and lead industries to a more economic and environmentally sound waste management solution, so we focus on reusing, recycling or recovering value from it rather than sending it to landfill.

“Our approach not only helps the environment but can also improve our clients’ company image, as there is an audit trail showing what has happened to all their waste, and the efficiency of our service can help improve their bottom line.”