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Hazardous Site Clearance

Safely and efficiently clearing a site to bring it back into full use requires a range of highly-skilled services - especially if it’s to be 100% compliant with current legislation.

Our experienced site clearance contractors are qualified to handle ANY type of innocuous or hazardous waste - including asbestos, chemicals, drums, oils, paints and more.

If your land or business has been blighted by debris, we can clear and prepare the site for future agricultural, industrial or commercial use. We also work in partnership with local authorities to get rid of the unsightly mess caused by nuisance fly-tippers.

As a licensed waste contractor, we always try to devise the best way to classify, treat and dispose of any material in accordance with stringent UK regulations and guidelines.

Before getting our hands dirty, a qualified waste manager will conduct a full risk assessment to outline the most sustainable - and cost-effective - site clearance services for you.

For more information about the specialist support provided by our site clearance contractors, please call 0800 7563997 for an informal discussion.

Our site clearance services

All waste is managed on site, repackaged and secured for transportation before being removed.

We handle and complete all documentation - and send copies to you as part of your environmental compliance requirements.

All ground areas are sampled and tested. In the event of ground contamination from leakage, the surface area can also be removed and disposed of.

All drains can be inspected and cleared. A jetting crew can also clean the area.

Site clearances we handle include:

  • Fly tipping & contaminated land
  • Abandoned sites or derelict buildings
  • Plant decommissioning
  • Fire-damaged properties
  • Business closures
  • Change of land use
  • Soil treatment

Our site clearance contractors can:

  • Remove all hazardous waste - asbestos, chemicals, cylinders, aerosols, oils etc
  • Lab test unidentified waste or chemicals for classification and disposal
  • Remove, handle and process material of any type or quantity
  • Ensure full compliance with Hazardous Waste Disposal Regulations
  • Segregate and repackage all wastes for safe disposal
  • Keep your land, the environment and public safe
  • Offer a UK-wide service – site clearance in Hull, Leeds, London & beyond
  • Act fast and clear sites quickly