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Liquid Waste Disposal

Using the latest equipment and fully trained employees in liquid waste disposal, we can manage all types of liquid waste from hazardous to organic liquid waste, including the thickest of sludge’s, which can seem impossible to move.

Liquid waste materials are collected and transported to our facility, either for recycling or disposal purposes. We aim to recycle as much of the waste as possible to meet your Environmental compliance and reduce cost.

Waste Streams Which We Manage

  • Sewage Waste
  • Solvent/Flammable Waste
  • Interceptor Waste
  • Sludge
  • Oil
  • Contaminated Water/Drain Waste
  • Storage Tanks
  • Liquid Products Waste For Destruction

An on-site assessment of the waste can be carried out to identify any problems before we send in the team to remove the waste.
All of the waste streams are removed and managed by our own teams and all environmental documentation will be provided for each load.
Waste compliance internal audits are available by your own company on any of our sites.

Our reputation is built on environmental protection, safety, trust and excellent service delivery. We can arrange collection from any location in the country, safely transport the waste and dispose of it at our approved on site licensed transfer facility.

With a fleet of commercial vehicles and modern equipment to access sites, our competent team use problem solving skills of the highest caliber to deal with reactive time sensitive issues or long-term projects that need detailed investigation, planning and careful implementation.

We operate a strict environmental policy at Wastege Ltd. To ensure we provide you with a service that minimises any impact on the environment from waste disposal processes, we recycle, reduce and conserve all raw material, waste products and energy associated with our operation.
liquid waste disposal