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60 tonnes of industrial and chemical waste cleared from four-acre site

12th March 2019

Specialist teams from Wastege have cleared more than 60 tonnes of industrial waste and chemicals which were leaking from drums and containers causing ground contamination following the closure of a large Bio fuel plant.

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Chemical leak clean-up helps company avoid costly shutdown

5th February 2019

Wastege's specialist knowledge and expertise has helped save a Yorkshire business thousands of pounds by clearing a chemical leak without the need for a plant shutdown.

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£500,000 investment creates new jobs and supports growth ambition

14th January 2019

Wastege has started 2019 by creating new jobs and investing more than £500,000 into a new fleet of specialist vehicles and equipment to ensure the firm maintains its impressive rate of growth.

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5 things businesses MUST do to comply with strict environmental laws

10th December 2018

Let’s be honest, waste management is very rarely put at the top of the priority list when the agenda is being prepared for a business meeting.

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Waste crime fines reach record £25.5m – are you 100% compliant?

26th November 2018

Companies who failed to comply with environmental regulations have been handed record waste crime fines of more than £25.5million in 2017/18 – and thousands more could be at risk of huge penalties.

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Wastege launches service to ensure businesses of all sizes can stay safe with waste management

29th June 2017

Wastege are proud to be helping companies of all sizes stay ‘waste safe’ – ensuring employers meet their environmental and legal requirements whilst also protecting staff and customers.

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